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My number one priority is to keep bills down for hardworking families and businesses across the country. A fantastic way to do this is by switching energy supplier, with households saving £200 and some even more, by taking this simple step.

With a lot of fixed-tariffs are coming up for renewal now or in the near future I am proud that Ofgem changes, backed by government, has made it mandatory for energy companies to tell you if your fixed rates are coming to an end. Also that on all bills whether there is a tariff that would be cheaper for you and how much you would save. As many people already know households across the UK are missing out on savings by sticking with their current energy supplier or existing tariff and there’s never been a better time to switch to a better deal.

But, if you didn’t know, you’re not alone. That’s why the Government launched the ‘Power to Switch’ campaign earlier this year. In a one month period, 130,000 households saved £38 million by switching energy supplier. You could be missing out on the saving these households are making. So why not visit and take advantage of the best energy deals on offer now?

The website has a handy guide and a list of Ofgem Code of Confidence accredited websites who can take you through the switching process. All you need to hand is your postcode and a recent bill. Your bill will contain the information you need including the name of the current tariff you are on, its end date, your method of payment and your annual energy use.

People also tell me that it’s not worth their time to switch. But you could be missing out on £200 or more.

People don’t just switch energy supplier due to price. With 31 suppliers in the domestic market there is more competition than ever. If excellent customer service is of the upmost importance, or renewable or low carbon electricity matters to you, then take the time to shop around.

But whatever your reason for switching there has never been a better time! Start now at

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  1. Comment by Squeasycheesy posted on

    Its always useful to promote switching to save money but I don't agree with the opening line 'My number one priority is to keep bills down for hardworking families and businesses across the country'. What about families that want to work hard but can't get a job? They are probably struggling more and are more in need of energy prices to be kept down.

  2. Comment by Vicky Wakeifeld-Jarrett posted on

    Would be better if you hadn't forced solar panel installers into administration, and therfore preventing us from installing long term measures allowing us to independently generate electricity, and actually bring down bills. Some foresight wouldn't go amiss.

  3. Comment by Jon Lewes posted on

    You say " with households saving £200 and some even more,."

    To demonstrate how it is possible to save £200 and even more do you have examples or case studies you can tell us about ?

    It may be possible for householders to achieve that level of saving by reducing consumption through taking energy-efficiency measures or adjusting their usage profile, but unless the householders switch to, say, special offers it seems unlikely that more than £10/month can be saved on the typical household usage of some 4000 kWh/year

    Jon Lewes
    Home Energy Centre
    Ilminster, Somerset

    • Replies to Jon Lewes>

      Comment by DECC Gov UK posted on

      Hi Jon. Visit our Facebook page - - where we’re posting regular case studies of people who have switched and saved £200 or more a year by switching energy deal.

      We’ve found that someone with an average energy consumption who’s never switched can see savings in the region of £200 or more if they visit a switching website and run a market comparison.

      For a full description of the analysis behind the £200 savings figure, please visit the Switching Evidence pages on GOV.UK. As a savings figure it is subject to market fluctuation and refers to dual fuel customers only. It is not a target for the ‘Power to Switch’ campaign.

  4. Comment by Brian Knight posted on

    I changed suppliers last year and have just been advised that I now owe over £400.00 because the new supplier reduced my monthly payments. To reduce this amount the company has now increased my Direct Debit to more than it was with original supplier. These companies are a cartel and it is all a big fix.