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The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund – upfront cash to help you save more on your energy bills

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From today, people wanting to make energy saving home improvements can get up to £7600 from the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund to help with the cost of the work.

Green Deal Home Improvement fund advert

This is an excellent opportunity that will make it substantially cheaper to have a warm, more comfortable home that will cost less to heat.

The beauty of the Fund is in its simplicity. The first step is for householders to make sure they have an up to date Energy Performance Certificate or a Green Deal assessment for their property. This is so that people have a clear idea of the types of energy saving measures that could be installed to help save them money on their bills. To find out about getting a Green Deal assessment or to make sure you have a valid Energy Performance Certificate, just call the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234. Then it’s easy - simply register online - - for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.

Not only can householders get back up to £6000 for installing solid wall insulation and a further £1000 for installing other eligible measures (such as double glazing or floor insulation), but they could also be entitled to a £100 refund if they choose to have a Green Deal assessment.

And for anybody who has moved home in the 12 months there’s a further £500 bonus available as well.

Of course we want to see people upgrading and improving their homes, as the more energy efficient their property is, the less energy they use and the less they pay on their energy bills.

There can be considerable ongoing energy bill savings to be made from having energy efficiency measures fitted in the first place. For example, householders in a typical 3 bed semi could expect to save up to around £270 on their annual energy bill by installing solid wall insulation, and a further £100 for upgrading their boiler.

With this latest incentive from Government, there has never been a better time for people to take real control of their energy bills while they also improve their homes.

To find out more call the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234, or apply now for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund at

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  1. Comment by Michael Orr posted on

    I hope you are aware that the GDHIF vouchers that have been applied for will not all be used. A lot of sales companies are signing customers up on the voucher scheme with an intention of getting them a quote and hopefully the customer goes with the cashback voucher. Is there not a better way that the scheme can be regulated such as on redemption of the voucher rather than application. Is there also statistics to what has been applied for and what has been redeemed and are DECC going to make as much fuss about redemption of vouchers as they have made over applications.

  2. Comment by Michael Orr posted on

    I would also like to add that the GDHIF does nothing to help in the fight against Fuel Poverty....the new 67% rate means that the customer has to find the other 33%. This can sometimes be on the green deal but if the whole balance cannot be financed on the green deal then only people that can afford the balance will go ahead. UNFAIR and NOT RIGHT.

  3. Comment by 247 Home Rescue posted on

    We're totally behind the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, Mr Orr has a point but it makes these energy efficiency measures far more affordable than they would otherwise be.

  4. Comment by James Cranwell posted on

    Is this fund still available or has it been rapidly depleted like the first time around????

  5. Comment by alan lawn posted on

    I have spent money on have solar panels fitted last week through the Barclays scheme never heard about these vouchers can I still make a claim