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Update on Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

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The Green Deal Team has been busy making final preparations for the second release of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF).

The first release of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund was extremely popular and we’re expecting this one to be too. Thousands of people have made energy saving improvements since the scheme launched in June and soon even more people will be able to.

We’re looking forward to providing further details of the rates, measures and customer terms and conditions before opening to applications soon.

In the meantime, if you are thinking of applying, the below information should help.

What you’ll need to apply for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

You will need to have the following paperwork to complete an application:

  1. A Green Deal Advice Report or an Energy Performance Certificate which is less than two years old and which recommends the measure(s) you are applying for. Visit to find a Green Deal Assessor in your area. Please note, a refund towards the cost of your Green Deal Advice Report is subject to a successful voucher application, the installation of the eligible measures through the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund and compliance with the scheme terms and conditions.
  2. A quote for each energy saving improvement for which an application is made. When you’re getting a quote, compare prices so you know you’re getting the best deal available.

The quote must include:

a) your name;

b) the address of the property to be improved;

c) the name of the installer or provider doing the work.

  • The company must be registered to install measures under GDHIF
  • The company’s name on the quote, must be the name they’ve used to register with the GDHIF scheme


d) for each measure, the total estimated cost of the work to install the measure, inclusive of VAT if applicable and any discount or refund to be applied (either before or after payment) and excluding any finance interest or cost.

Information for undertakings (e.g. landlords)

Applicants who are undertakings (within the meaning of EU law relating to State Aid, for example landlords) must also submit proof of ownership for the property(s) in respect of which they are applying. A list of acceptable ‘proof of ownership’ documents will be set out in the Customer Terms and Conditions.

People applying for the scheme must be the Owner or Occupier of the property they are improving. Managing agents will not be eligible to apply under the scheme.

Stay tuned

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund has been an incredibly popular scheme and funds are limited - you will need to provide the above documents when you apply.

Please also note that DECC may vary the terms of the scheme (including the incentive rates) or suspend or close the scheme, with immediate effect, without notice and at any time. Installers or providers taking part in GDHIF can see their revised terms and conditions at:

Participant T&Cs – Providers

Participant T&Cs – Installers

We hope this information helps, but do keep an eye on the DECC twitter account and website for more updates.


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  1. Comment by Nick posted on

    Great, that is if you can find an installer to keep their word. I have a voucher for EWI which can't be redeemed as my installer now tells me the weather is too bad.....

    • Replies to Nick>

      Comment by Nick M posted on

      Hi Nick, where abouts are you based? Seeing if we can help.

    • Replies to Nick>

      Comment by Declan posted on

      Hi Nick, What is your location?

      Eco Home Insulation Solutions Ltd

    • Replies to Nick>

      Comment by Michael posted on

      Hi Nick, Reef Energy Solutions may be able to help, feel free to give them a call 0161 667 4390

    • Replies to Nick>

      Comment by Andy posted on

      Hi Nick, has your installer started yet? If not what date does your voucher expire? Get in touch with me at to see if we can do anything for you.

    • Replies to Nick>

      Comment by Green Deal Team posted on

      Hi Nick,

      Did you know you can change your GDHIF installer or provider? You can find suppliers in your area at the Green Deal ORB website

      If you do want to change your installer/provider, give the scheme administrator a call before you start the work so they can update your voucher. The number is 0300 555 0201


      Green Deal Team

    • Replies to Nick>

      Comment by Lisa posted on

      Hi Nick, have you sorted this now?? where are yo based. ------- We are Swansea

  2. Comment by Andrea Driscoll posted on

    Good morning Nick,
    Where in the country are you? We are a Green Deal Provider and have a national network of EWI installers.
    Andrea Driscoll
    Your Green Deal Provider

  3. Comment by Jonathan posted on

    We've been right through the system only to find we're not eligible for green deal finance to cover the work that we need to do where all of the heat and energy is being lost, basically because 'the green deal software doesn't work that way'. We wanted to replace window units with modern glass untits as ours are warm to the touch outside on a cold night due to all of the heat going out through them but according to the software the assessors use we would save £20 a year on a £1200 spend! - really effective and accurate well designed system obviously!

    • Replies to Jonathan>

      Comment by Daniel Tiley GDA Auditor posted on

      Yes thats sounds correct, you must consider that most of your heat loss is through your walls not your windows, when you physically measure the areas involved windows are typically 15% of total area. The calculations are based on pay back periods by savings on fuel bills directly attributed to the energy saving measure. Window upgrades contribute an almost insignificant amount to fuel bill savings hence the resultant £20 which is correct.

      • Replies to Daniel Tiley GDA Auditor>

        Comment by Duncan posted on

        Surely the point about heat loss from windows assumes that you are only losing heat through the glass. In the case of many historic sash windows, such as ours, the majority of heat loss and cold air entering is due to gaps, cracks, rot and wear and tear. The difference therefore that well fitted replacement double glazed sahes would make should be far greater than just the assessed heat loss from an average healthy single glazed window? Furthermore when it comes to external wall insulation where is the impartial advise regarding what is best for your building. We live in an attractive old farmhouse in an exposed position but I've no idea what is the best solution for the fabric and look of our property. I've reluctantly come to the conclusion that we should insulate two external walls, even though currently one is very attractive exposed stonework but I've no idea who to go to for advise and we simply can't afford to waste money or time. Some advise would be helpful. Thank you

  4. Comment by Kieran posted on

    I recommend using for GDARs

    They were very helpful on the phone and came out very quickly to us.

    If you need a GDAR then their number is 01617648780

  5. Comment by Andy Jones posted on

    Have a look at Energy Care, I am a External Wall Surveyor and I hold the installer to task if they play about. 🙂 01234 381007

  6. Comment by Richard Secular posted on

    Can someone tell us what documents are eligible as proof of ownership for landlords, I know it says they are illustrated in the customer T&C's but I don't think these have been published yet for GDHIF 2?

    • Replies to Richard Secular>

      Comment by DECC Green Deal Team posted on

      Hi Richard,

      The following documents are suitable as proof of ownership.

      i. a certificate from Land Registry;
      ii. a scanned copy of a signed and dated statement or letter from your solicitor;
      iii. a Stamp Duty Land Tax Certificate from HMRC.


      Green Deal Team

      • Replies to DECC Green Deal Team>

        Comment by Helen posted on

        Does this mean only landlords need these documents or is it the property owner? “Undertaking” means any entity engaged in an economic activity within the meaning of EU
        law relating to state aid (regardless of its legal status and the way in which it is

    • Replies to Richard Secular>

      Comment by Bronnie Kenchington posted on

      Do external door suppliers have to be registered with green deal to use them for a quote for 2 exterior doors? Also, a fan assisted storage heater , do supplier sof these need to be registered and will an online quote be OK?? Many thanks.

  7. Comment by Mary posted on

    Struggling to find the T&C for landlords.
    I have 2 issues - what proof of ownership is acceptable, and I only have 1 email address, when it states that I need a separate one for each application.

    • Replies to Mary>

      Comment by DECC Green Deal Team posted on

      Hi Mary, the single email address rule did not apply to landlords.


      Green Deal Team

  8. Comment by Josh posted on

    I've already had EWI through the Green Deal and redeemed both the voucher and the £100 for the assessment back.

    (1) We want to now get "flat roof insulation" which is stated on our GD report.
    (2) We would also like "Energy efficient replacement doors" but that is not stated on our GD report.
    (3) We would love "secondary glazing" because our old double glazing is not fit for purpose but apparently that is not taken into account.

    Is it worth getting another GD report done and see if they will put number 2 onto it? We didn't talk about the doors last time. Also, will we be able to reclaim the £100 for this second report even though we claimed for the first report already?


    We are thinking getting another


    • Replies to Josh>

      Comment by Rickie Dickson posted on

      Hi Josh

      Your original Green Deal Assessor will be able to change the recommendations on your Green Deal Report without a need for a re-visit.
      <a href="; rel="nofollow">Energy Smart UK</a>

  9. Comment by Ed posted on

    This whole system is floored.

    Type in your postcode (or area) on the green deal provider / installer search page and it returns 30+ results, 98% are over 200 miles away, the other 2% are national companies that charge a fortune.
    Calling 0300 123 1234 - their helpful suggestion is to just look through list of suppliers until you see a local telephone number - genius, but still no help.

    Therefore it works out £1000's cheaper to use local supplier, than Green Deal Supplier with Green Deal Grant.

    Someone \ somewhere is making a lot of money out these Government Grants and it certainly isn't benefiting those that actually need the help.

    • Replies to Ed>

      Comment by Howard posted on

      Tend to agree. Green Deal likely to inflate EE improvement prices significantly. Home owners generally know where their heat losses are and are better off arranging improvements themselves!

  10. Comment by Duncan posted on

    I agree with Ed. We live in Cumbria and I have tried in the past to find a company to give us a quote to replace our drafty sash windows with timber double glazed sash. Only one company, in the whole county, was registered and they had decided to discontinue that work area! It's a joke unless you live in areas of high population. By the time I can find anyone to come up here they'll have closed the scheme again. Very frustrating as I really would like to make our home more energy efficient.

    • Replies to Duncan>

      Comment by DECC Green Deal Team posted on

      Hi Duncan,

      Once you apply for and receive a voucher, you have six months to do the work and submit your voucher for redemption. We expect another release of funds for GDHIF in February.


      Green Deal Team

      • Replies to DECC Green Deal Team>

        Comment by julian posted on

        Hi My mother has had a green deal voucher , but her home is large , can green deal finance be used allong side GDHIF

  11. Comment by kim posted on

    Require advice/ responses to the following question please:

    Anglian Home Improvement offer a scrappage discount for old windows on all quotations. Is this an ECO or government funded deal? If yes, are they still valid registered Green Deal installers?

    Is one energy efficient external valid - if you do not have two external doors?

    EPC certificated advised draught proofing external door - can an energy efficient door be installed, to cover this advice?

    Thank you.

    • Replies to kim>

      Comment by DECC Green Deal Team posted on

      Hi Kim, thanks for your questions, I'm finding out the answer for you and will get back to you.


      Green Deal Team

    • Replies to kim>

      Comment by DECC Green Deal Team posted on

      Hi Kim,

      Here are the answers to your questions:

      1. Anglian Home Improvement's offer is not a Government funded deal. You can look up Green Deal installers here

      2. Regarding external doors the requirement is at least two energy efficient replacement doors. If only one, that will not qualify.

      3. Draught proofing is not the same as energy efficient replacement doors.

      Hope that answers your questions.


      Green Deal Team

  12. Comment by Paul walker posted on

    Is anyone's voucher nearing its expiry date? If this is the case, please don't hesitate to drop me an email: - For the attention of Paul & I'll help if I can. Good luck to you all!

  13. Comment by gary cleary posted on

    Home Survey Reports Ltd can provide Green Deal Reports and EPCs across England and Wales. 0161 764 8780

  14. Comment by cris posted on

    I am very disappointed with the whole process. Companies would not make a survey without having an EPC, after spending the money in a EPC they would not be interested if I needed finance. Then after getting a survey and having a quote that is more than half the private sector quotes, they wouldn't be interested if finance was required. Plus even though they personally came to visit the site their quote would say that the quote was based on the EPC. It is sad that just a small number of companies are approved installers. 1 day to apply for just 4,000 pounds is not enough. The money is not enough and the time they provided is not enough. It is cheaper to get a private installer or just to pay for the energy bills and buy a new house next. I don't see the point in spending 12k and having so much trouble. Either the government is is going to give more money or it has to change the way things are being done. I rarely make comments in Forums so I am really upset about the whole process and the way things are being done. I truly think they have to give solid wall insulation free like they do for cavity. How many people have 12k to spend on a solid wall insulation to save 150 pounds per year on energy bills? How many years will it take to get the money back? 53 years? By that time I am already dead as I doubt I would even reach the 100 year old never mind over 100 years old.

    • Replies to cris>

      Comment by DECC Green Deal Team posted on

      Hi Cris, thanks for your comments. I've forwarded them on.

      Contact the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234 to find out what options are available to help fund improvements.


      Green Deal Team

    • Replies to cris>

      Comment by Harry Kretchmer posted on

      Hi Cris
      Harry here from the BBC Busines Team. Would be great to talk to you about the damp problems you've experienced with your house after Green Deal improvements. I'm on Thanks

  15. Comment by Nashir posted on

    Cris - you make a very valid point.

    Im fed up with the process as well.

  16. Comment by Chris posted on

    Hi my EPC reccomends external wall insulation as an additional measure do you know if this would mean I could get a voucher for solid wall insulation? The property is a system build ex council property and not solid wall but been told in the past its not suitable for cavity wall insulation. I realise they have run out this round but maybe I might get lucky in Feb...... Thanks in advance!

  17. Comment by DECC Green Deal Team posted on

    Hi Chris,

    yes that's right, we do expect another release in February.

    Should your EPC recommend EWI than yes you can apply to receive a solid wall insulation voucher.


    Green Deal Team

  18. Comment by cris posted on

    Another comment I have to make is why are approved installers trying to install insulation on solid wall houses with bridged, breached, non-existent or rotten dpc creating a future problem as the 12k pounds for solid insulation would have to be removed shortly after insulation as insulation on houses with defective dpc will cause damp problems.

    • Replies to cris>

      Comment by Sam Hills posted on

      Hi Cris,

      I can't speak for others but I know our company experts would recommend a new DPC if required and look to identify the damp problems. We also typically work with more breathable products than the standard insulation boards being provided elsewhere. Sadly this drives the price of our quotations higher which deters some customers, I've seen many customers choose polystyrene for the lowest price without regard to the future of their property even after the (free) advice.

      Sam Hills
      Cobalt Carbon Free Homes

  19. Comment by cris posted on

    Thanks for the information. None of the 3 approved installers have mentioned the fact that the dpc have been bridged with the render and that is something visible from the outside.

    After getting a private contractor this week, he removed the render up to the dpc and he discovered that the dpc was powder, rotten, gone.

    That wall was full of damp above 1 meter, actually 2 meters. 1k pounds work just to remove the render and get the french drain to waterproof the property.

    Now I am waiting for the dpc replacement that will cost another x money. Then I have to wait 3 months for it to dry and see what other problems are left to solve.

    The bricks are full of humidity and I can't believe I was given a quote for an insulation for a house that is inappropriate to insulate. The damp was visible from the inside and the render bridging the dpc was well visible from the outside.

    I cannot believe that 3 different approved installers didn't care and they just wanted to sell the insulation. The government needs to step up to their game and make sure that they will remove the insulation at their own cost and make a refund to the money spent by the owner of the house.

    They just want to sell the insulation and they don't take responsibility if their is damp in the house. This is the installers expert area and not the owner expert area. The owner will trust approved installers that are unfortunately just there to earn the money and they don't care.

    I would have spent 8k plus 4k voucher, total 12k pounds and then I would have to remove the insulation at my own cost. The 4k vouchers is tax payer money, it is still is my money. So, it is my 12k money as I am working and paying my taxes, unlike others.

    Don't you know that brick from solid walls made in around 1930 they need to dry? Not to mention that those surveys and quotes from approved installers didn't even know which material they would insulate with.

    There is material that can't be put on those walls. Even rendering those bricks can be a problem as where the render is in my house the damp is a log higher....

    The government needs to impose rules to stop this cowboy industry. This is owners money and tax pay money that is going down the drain and future owners money that will have to be spent to fix and rectify the problem.

  20. Comment by Sam posted on

    Hi have a voucher for EWI expires in 6weeks. 180m2 scaffold erected ready, but been let down by 2 large companies who are too busy for one off job. House has had all render hacked off and pipes removed. Been told it's a dream job but just been a nightmare so far!!! House in Barry South Wales anyone interested?

    • Replies to Sam>

      Comment by DECC Green Deal Team posted on

      Hi Sam,

      Have you checked the Green Deal ORB for a new installer or provider in your area? You can search here:

      When you find a new installer/provider make sure you call the Scheme Administrator 0300 555 0201 to get your voucher updated before you start the work.

      All the best,

      Green Deal Team

    • Replies to Sam>

      Comment by julian posted on

      Hi . i amagine you are paying towards the cost .what have you been quoted ?

  21. Comment by Robert Barnes posted on

    We applied for EWI in the December Round and have acknowledgement and a number issued by DECC. When will we know if we are successful in getting voucher and do we get an email if we are unsuccessful?

    • Replies to Robert Barnes>

      Comment by DECC Green Deal Team posted on

      Hi Robert,

      The scheme administrator is expecting to have all applications processed in the next 2-3 weeks. You will receive an email to advise if your application has been successful or unsuccessful.


      Green Deal Team

  22. Comment by Phil Reed posted on

    What happens about the £100.00 towards the assessment if I book an assessment and pay for it and the scheme runs out of money before I can book the work?

    • Replies to Phil Reed>

      Comment by DECC Green Deal Team posted on

      Hi Phil,

      To receive a refund towards your Green Deal Assessment, you must install energy-saving improvements through the GDHIF and make a claim.

      All successful applications to GDHIF, that meet the eligibility criteria and scheme terms and conditions will be honoured.

      We expect another release of funds for GDHIF in February 2015.


      Green Deal Team

  23. Comment by santz posted on

    I applied for green deal voucher for External wall insulation on the day when 2nd phase opened. Before applying on the website, it said i will need the EPC certificate, the quote and the ownership of the letter.
    When i got to the uploading documents stage, i was only asked to upload one of the documents which was the EPC one.
    I did get a confirmation email at the end saying my application process has been completed.where application reference number was provide.But i am worried about how long does the process from completing the application to receiving the voucher take?

    • Replies to santz>

      Comment by DECC Green Deal Team posted on

      Hi Santz,

      To apply for the second release of GDHIF you only needed to provide proof of ownership of the property if you were an economic undertaking (ie a landlord). All applicants required a quote.

      The scheme administrator expects to process all applications in the next 2-3 weeks, so you will receive an email to confirm that a voucher has been issued or not.


      Green Deal Team

  24. Comment by PAUL EGAN posted on


  25. Comment by Stevenkerrigan posted on

    Hi Sam if your still looking for an installer then have a look at our website we can help you

  26. Comment by Martyn posted on

    Can someone assist?

    I have had an assessment and the two measures that have been made on the green deal assessment is for loft insulation and a new boiler. I have noticed that on the application you can no longer claim for loft insulation. It isn't a major concern and the boiler is the main issue that needs resolving. My question is, can you apply for the green deal home improvement fund with just one measure?

  27. Comment by KELVIN posted on

    Hi my voucher is expires 22 Feb.
    My existing installer did not tell me that i even had the voucher until very recently . What would happen if my installer or a new installer fails to complete the work on time ?? ,,,KELVIN .

    • Replies to KELVIN>

      Comment by DECC Green Deal Team posted on

      Hi Kelvin,

      The process for GDHIF is that the customer makes the application with their own email address so that they receive the voucher directly.

      If you have a voucher for GDHIF that expires on 22 February then you must complete the work and submit the voucher for redemption by that time.

      You can change installers by:
      1. Find another registered GDHIF installer or provider. You can use the GDHIF participant register Make sure you click the box 'Companies registered with Green Deal Home Improvement Fund in England and Wales'
      2. Call the scheme administrator 0300 555 0201to update your voucher. You must update your voucher before you start work if you are using an installer that is different to the one on your voucher.


      Green Deal Team

  28. Comment by Alan posted on

    Alan in glossop just doing a complete renovation are their any companies linked to this scheme that's local??

  29. Comment by DECC Green Deal Team posted on

    Hi Alan,

    You can have a look for registered GDHIF companies at our particpant search tool here

    Click the box 'companies registered with Green Deal Home Improvement Fund in England and Wales'

    All the best,

    Green Deal Team

  30. Comment by Craig posted on


    What happens if the costs of installing say a GSHP are too high for the Green Deal? Can we as the home owner pay a proportion of the costs up front from our own resources such that the amount actually repayments would not break the golden rule?

  31. Comment by Stevenkerrigan posted on

    Hi my name is Steve and cover England and Wales get in touch and we will help in whichever way we can

  32. Comment by Kris posted on

    I have a green deal voucher for ewi due to expire 6th Feb. The work has been started but is not yet complete, and given that the work started mid November for a supposed 2 week job, I am not confident it's going to be finished by then. What happens if the work is not finished by 6th Feb? Do I loose the £, even though it's completely out of my control?

  33. Comment by Rich posted on

    I don't think you've answered Kelvin and Paul's questions above.

    If the work has already started and the installer is unable to complete the work by the voucher expiry date what options are there? Your advice to change installer is not really viable in this situation, can we extend the voucher or should we re-apply for the next round of funding with the same installer?

    We had work (EWI) start in late November with plenty of time and are still awaiting completion at the end of Jan and now are facing the possibility of not receiving a grant for the work and being considerably out of pocket for trying to make energy improvements to our property.

    Look forward to a fuller answer for the Green Deal Team

  34. Comment by Beki S posted on

    Why is it that providers prices seem to be way way above local firms? Why is this allowed?

    We had 3 quotes from local firms that were between £5000-£5500 for EWI. However they are not registered as installers, so got quote for exactly the same job from providers/installers - prices are between £7000-£8000!

    Given the amount of funding that is available that means that we are still going to have to pay £4000! Yes we can put some of this on a green deal loan but I don't understand how this is fair!

    I spoke to some at the GDHIF and was told they can look into any companies inflating their prices but generally the prices are slightly higher as they have slightly higher costs!

    Also the company that assessed us neglected to tell us they net an extra £100, they did the assessment free yet still applied for the rebate!

    Oh and despite telling them we only bought the house in April 2014 they "forgot" to apply for the extra £500 ( we would be entitled to the full amount) which now can not be applied, we can re apply when the new funding comes out but not guaranteed to get it.

    This scheme seems a bit of a farce to me if I am honest.

  35. Comment by Christina Thwaite posted on

    We have had a green deal assessment, and the only measures needed are an update on loft insulation, and a new boiler (had someone out for quote today who mentioned could possibly do with whole new system I.e radiators and pipes). I thought I read originally that loft insulation was included, but now can't find it in the terms and conditions. Is the two measure approach being relaxed to one at all? We bought the house just less than 12 months ago, it had the cavity wall done a few years ago, has 90% double glazing, solid flooring. We really need a new boiler and were leaning on this option to help, with the added bonus of the £500.
    Another question, if we aren't eligible, the man today mentioned we should still be able to get the green deal assessment fee back even though we don't do the gdhif.

  36. Comment by victoria looker posted on

    What happens when a green deal provider has your voucher and will not issue it to you??? I want to go with another installer.

  37. Comment by adrian posted on

    I had a GDAR done but unfortunately the assessor has written a wrong information on it( instead of 22 hours of the boiler usage, he wrote 2 hours) Of course all the information’s about savings are related with the consumption of the energy(which on my GDAR is hugely discrepant). I asked to be changed but they asked me to pay 50% of the GDAR price again because I signed the paper saying that information is correct (which I can’t afford) At the time of signing I couldn't understand what the graphic mean 1pm/2pm and I trusted the assessor.

    My question is: what can I do further from here? What are my options? I might be refuse the voucher through GDHIF because the computer system will say that I don’t justify the financial saving with my energy improving measures....

    Where can I complain? Is it worth it? I mention that my conversation with the assessor was recorded and clearly states that I am using my boiler 22 hours, but I signed that I am using 2 hours( because I couldn’t understand the graphic on his paper)


  38. Comment by garry k posted on


    have you manage to sort your voucher out yet???

  39. Comment by CL posted on

    I have a recent EPC for my home I moved into in October. I am in North London and I am after external door and under floor installation. I have gone through numerous green deal companies in the website but cannot find any that do external door. I would rather have one company that does both but I can't find any. Can you find any for me please so I can get a quote

  40. Comment by Bronnie Kenchington posted on

    There are no green deal registered exterior door suppliers listed on the site . How do i find one? Also suppliers of fan assisted storage heaters?

  41. Comment by Bronnie Kenchington posted on

    Still waiting for response.No one can tell me how to find an exterior door company that is green deal approved. All the lists of providers cover everything but!!

  42. Comment by Paul posted on

    Taking advantage of the Green Deal appears to be especially hard for Listed Buildings (our home is 200 years old and Grade II and although it needs as much help as possible: the GDAR showed our EPC Energy rating was 26 !)

    Working our way through the list of recommendations, the green deal doesn't help with the main ones (so we're paying for loft insulation, and updated heating controls for the relatively modern boiler), leaving secondary glazing and high performance external doors as eligible for the deal.

    The first challenge was finding an installer : Bath isn't in the back of beyond, but approaching 15+ companies, only one has so far promised a quote (not received as yet).

    However he did point out the small print - the majority of our windows have internal wooden shutters, which I have restored to full operation. However, the Green Deal seems to require that half of _all_ the windows would need to be updated with secondary glazing : which would double the cost.

    Secondly, even if the Listing allowed it, we wouldn't want to replace the main doors with uPVC - leaving only one Kitchen door as a candidate : but the rules require at least two doors.

    The final factor is (as has been said above), the Installer seems to demand a premium for his greed deal accreditation - the price for the uPVC door (excluding fitting) was twice the online price,

    Quite frustrating ! Are there any waving of the "small print rules" for cases such as ours ?

  43. Comment by Paul posted on

    BTW Bronnie - I used to find an installer. In the Advanced option, under Services you can search for High Performance External doors.

    However - be warned, I'd recommend googling the door you choose from the Installer to find cheaper prices and haggling !

  44. Comment by Daisy B posted on

    I have just applied for the two measures Green Deal voucher today. Our boiler has broken down and it has taken me until now to get the report and quote. We have had no heating or hot water for three weeks and there are children in the house. I am now told that there is a 30 day wait for the application to be even processed. Is this correct and is there any way of hurrying things along if so.

  45. Comment by Jon posted on

    I need to find a boiler installer that covers the Sutton area to do a quote so I can get some funding. The search engine results do not appear to have anything to do with the postcode supplied. Does anybody know any installers I can use?

  46. Comment by Jan posted on

    I have been lucky enough to get a voucher for external wall insulation, which is fabulous!
    I have a loft room that is 'complicated' and the external insulation will only cover one of it's walls walls a lot of what needs doing will be the underside of the roof.

    Can I apply to the other GD fund and get up to £1250 for 2 improvements? The other improvement would be a new boiler as ours is from the 1980s! Or does me having the one GD grant preclude me from applying for this?

  47. Comment by Rosa posted on

    Hi Jan,

    If I understand your question correctly you are asking whether you can still apply for 2 measures voucher if you already have a solid wall voucher – the answer is yes, you can apply for different measures. You need to apply for any 2 measures from the 11 measures that are eligible for the two measures offer.

  48. Comment by shabana posted on

    Hi, i had [name redacted] come to asses my property for the green deal boiler. He took £130 from me on the day and told me i will get £100 on the day of installation. Also i will recieve invoice via email for my payment. A week later i recieve an email saying scheme has been removed. Now im asking for a refund and no one replies to my emails and no one answers my call.