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Green Deal Statistical Release

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July was one of the biggest months ever for the Green Deal and we’ve released our regular monthly statistics to keep you up to date on the latest figures for Green Deal Assessments, Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF), Green Deal Cashback scheme and Green Deal Plans.

After such a big month for household energy efficiency, we’ve sifted through the data to provide you with a snapshot of the highlights.

Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF)

For the first time, the monthly Green Deal and ECO statistics include figures from the GDHIF which show the total number and types of measures installed and payments made to customers who have had work through the Fund.

543 energy efficiency measures were installed through GDHIF up to the end of July - a figure that will grow over the coming months as householders with vouchers in England and Wales carry out improvements and receive money back for the work. The statistics also suggest that Solid Wall Insulation is one of the most popular measures representing around two thirds (68%) of the total measures installed to date.

Payments for GDHIF

The administrator began processing payments for work carried out under GDHIF from 11 July with payments beginning to be made a minimum of ten working days later. Already £2.3 million has been reimbursed to households and there is still up to £115 million worth of work for the industry to carry out over the coming months.

Applications and Vouchers issued for GDHIF

We are working hard behind the scenes to understand voucher redemption and, as the administrator continues to validate claims and process applications, active applications, vouchers issued and the total budget allocated may shift. Checks that are made at every step of the process account for differences in these three figures from those previously reported on Friday 25 July. It’s encouraging that at the end of July, eight weeks after the scheme launched, two thirds of applications had been issued vouchers.

Green Deal Assessments

Assessments continue to be a popular element of the Green Deal. The total number surged past the 300,000 milestone by the end of July which was also the biggest month ever for assessments to date with 37, 194 homes receiving an assessment last month - around 8,000 more than the previous highest month. GDARs give people a tailored picture of the energy efficiency of their home and an analysis of their behaviour in it.

Green Deal Finance

Green Deal plans have also been on an upward trajectory from 3,234 at the end of June (including new, pending and live plans) to 3,898 at the end of July. 1 815 GD Plans are now ‘live’ which means measures have been installed and the household has been billed, compared to 1,587 at the end of June.

Green Deal Cashback

Green Deal Cashback closed to voucher redemption in June. 14,571 measures have now been installed and £9.8 million now paid out to households who have had energy efficiency work done through this scheme.

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  1. Comment by Kate posted on

    Clearly demonstrate consumer demand due to the surge of interest in these voucher. Green deal is still an options for energy efficiency home improvements. Interesting insight into solid wall insulation being the most popular.

    • Replies to Kate>

      Comment by Zeven Energy posted on

      Solid wall insulation is very effective but also expensive (up to £8K for an average home). Plus many of the homes that need it are old terraced houses in poorer areas.

  2. Comment by Joseph posted on

    Please explain how with only £9.8 million paid out, a £120m scheme was closed without warning.

    • Replies to Joseph>

      Comment by Jon Davies posted on

      They are reporting payments - there were applications for about £120m of vouchers before the scheme closed but homeowners have 6 months to undertake the work and use the voucher to claim the payment.

  3. Comment by DECC publishes latest Green Deal stats posted on

    […] the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) published its latest official Green Deal statistics. July was the biggest month for the Green Deal so far, with more than 37,000 homes having a Green […]

  4. Comment by Michael Orr posted on

    GDHIF was a total disaster. No body knows how much will be re-claimed until the end of Feb 2014. Why cant DECC come out and say "we made some errors regarding the GDHIF" They wont, all they will say is that it was a huge success because all the funding was used. This is untrue has many reports are showing bogus claims, sales companies claiming the vouchers for customers who THOUGHT they were getting a SWI for free, customers not paying the installers or providers after they have received the cashback. It was a total farce, it needs completely re-vamping and Providers need to ensure contracts are in place before cashback vouchers can be claimed and then providers need to ensure all works are completed. ONLY PROVIDERS. DECC allowed sales companies, homeowners, landlords, installers to name a few get in on claiming vouchers. DECC will claim they only allowed installers and homeowners to claim the vouchers but making the website accessible to the general public opened it up to any tom , dick or harry. Next time KEEP IT SIMPLE.....contract signed, approved by a provider, provider claims the cashback and lets installer or customer know it has been checked after installation and cashback voucher redeemed.....exactly like the first cashback but with the same amounts for improvements....if you try to move onto a third cashback scheme with yet more changes then more issues and problems will arise....

  5. Comment by Department of Energy and Climate Change Blog» Blog Archive » Behind the Scenes at GDHIF posted on

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  6. Comment by david posted on

    why am I discriminated against for any green deal money for insulating my ROOF WALLS or UNDERFLOOR because I live in a PARK HOME